Teaching Through Music

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The Keeping Score Education program was developed in conjunction with other Keeping Score media in order to extend the benefits of the project into today’s classrooms.  The program offered teachers at all levels opportunities to learn about classical music and its connections to the core curriculum, and resources and lesson plans to help teachers integrate music into their classrooms. 

On this page you will find resources and lessons developed by Keeping Score teachers from school districts in Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Sonoma Counties in California; in Flagstaff, Arizona; and the Oklahoma A+ Schools.  We welcome you to explore all the ways in which the unique qualities of classical music—its ability to express the grandest ideas as well as the most subtle emotions—can enhance student learning throughout the curriculum. 

Videos: Teachers Talk About Keeping Score

Keeping Score in the Classroom

Student Work Example - Beethoven WatercolorFind great lesson plans with connections to core subjects including Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Visual Arts and ESL. View student work from Keeping Score classrooms. Hear how expert teachers have used Keeping Score in their teaching.  Learn More

Resources for Educators

Keeping Score Teacher ShowcaseFind more ideas, connections, and resources to help you bring music into your classroom.  Learn More ›

Special Thanks

Keeping Score Education was a collaborative effort between the San Francisco Symphony and our school and community partners: