Music Fueled By Desire Hector Berlioz Symphony Fantastique

The Programme

IN THREE DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the program, we see that Berlioz changed his story in subtle ways. Some of these changes refer to Harriet. Do they reflect Berlioz’s own changing feelings for his heroine?

Explore three versions of the program as they pertain to each version of Harriet.

What's Your Impression?

How much do these different fictional descriptions of Harriet tell us about Berlioz's real feelings towards her?
January 10, 2010
Considering the fact that it took him 6 years to get the attention of this women, one could only imagine the emotional rollercoaster Berlioz must have been on. His three different versions could easily be seen as manifestations of this rollercoaster. However, they can also be viewed as three different attempts to gain the attention of this women he was obsessed with. As it would be, I guess for Berlioz three times was a charm! This story and composition are like something straight out of a fairy tale book! They truly represent the pinnacle of artistry in every sense of the word!
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