Mahler’s last years were a struggle. His career in New York fell short of his expectations, the death of his elder daughter continued to cast a shadow on his emotions, and he endured intense shock at the discovery of Alma’s infidelity. During his summer sojourns in the Austrian countryside, he wrote his most profound music — music in which he found himself turning back to earlier expressive devices.

Time & Place: Mahler's Life between Worlds

Explore the last years of Mahler's life as he traveled back and forth between the Old World and the New. See where he experienced some of his most spectacular triumphs and his deepest disappointments.

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MTT on the significance of Mahler’s last years.

Common Threads

“Impressions of his youth run like a scarlet thread throughout his work.”

—Mahler's friend, musicologist Guido Adler

On this website you can follow the way Mahler’s childhood memories — sounds of the countryside, the parade ground, the church, the tavern, and the synagogue — create common threads that run through all of his songs and symphonies.


“Now at the end of life I am again a beginner who must find his feet.”

Shared Experiences

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November 2, 2012

Good one

February 8, 2012
Mahler, to me, was simply one of those people who is so much larger than life that one unabashedly can worship at his feet and not feel the least bit hesitant. Some months ago I scratched off one of the tasks high on my priority list and was able to lay flowers on the maestro's grave in Vienna. Maestro Tilson-Thomas, your love of this great man shows through in this wonderful documentary.It is well placed.