Farewell: Church


Music shaped by the sacred tradition reflects Mahler's ongoing search for spiritual transcendence through art.
"O believe, my heart, O believe"
VIDEO:MTT on the turn in Mahler's Ninth Symphony
  • The first movement of Mahler's Ninth symphony establishes a mood of searching. Only later do we get a hint of what is to follow, as just before the climax of the movement Mahler employs a short turning motive that hearkens back to his earliest compositions. It is orchestrated for brass and strings to heighten the effect.

Mahler's Methods

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A Farewell Turn

In Mahler’s later music, the turn, once a simple item of musical punctuation, comes to occupy a place of particular emotional significance. Here it is at the beginning of the last movement of The Song of the Earth (Der Abschied).

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VIDEO:MTT on the "turn" in Mahler's music
Turning Points

Play the extended video on the right to explore Mahler’s highly idiosyncratic use of the turn in the Ninth Symphony.

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